Week 5: Slow and Steady

by Sep 14, 2020Reports, Status Reports

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I got more done than I expected this past week, and that made me very happy. My husband was able to go to work on Friday (he’s been out of work since March, and will continue to be out of work til October), and I had the house to myself. I was able to work on several projects, including this blog.

In the last week I published three blog posts here.

I also created a digital download of all my cleaning checklists that I use to make my home more pleasant, and I put it up for sale here. To do this, I also had to create the product page layouts, the cart layouts, and the checkout page layouts.

Over on my web design blog, I published a product announcement for the theme I use here on this blog. Quite Lovely Life is built on the Margot theme I created. Margot is a WordPress theme designed with bloggers and boss ladies in mind. And, now it’s available for sale.

You can read the theme announcement and view the key features here.

Traffic wise this site is still really low, but that’s OK. We’re still in the Google Sandbox (or Penalty Box as the case may be) which applies to new sites. Once we are out of the box, traffic will go up quite a bit. Unfortunately, this process can take anywhere from 3-6 months.

According to Google analytics, we’ve had 62 visitors in the last month, but according to to Jetpack we’ve had 127. I’m not entirely sure why there’s a difference, and I will be digging into that over the next few weeks.

Til we get out of the Google Sandbox, I am still putting in the effort to drive traffic from Pinterest.

Thanks for reading! I’ll be back soon with more posts. 🙂


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