Week 2: Not a lot got done this week

by Aug 24, 2020Reports, Status Reports

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Welcome to the status report for week 2.

For my day job I work at a diner in a college town. The university reopened, and 6500 students showed up, but, the university hasn’t opened the dining hall #BecauseCOVID. Needless to say, the diner has been completely slammed.

So crazy, in fact, we had 3 crew members quit in the span of 48hrs. I’ve been working since last Wednesday, and my next day off is this coming Wednesday, so I didn’t really get anything done here this week. I only published two blog posts.

The site’s Alexa ranking is down to 722,943. The blog appeared 3 times in Google Searches. Average position is page 47. Traffic wise, it’s had a whopping 13 sessions. Woohoo!

I’ve got a long way to go, but I already figured it would take 6 months to get traction.

Anyway, I’m wiped out after this week of work, and I have a few more shifts ahead of me before I get a day off.

See you next week!


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