How to Find Clients for Your Virtual Business

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Let me preface this by saying that, “how do I find clients?” is the absolute wrong question to ask, but I know there are thousands of web designers, virtual assistants, and service providers in general who are Googling this exact question.

When you try to grow your agency from the frame of “how do I find clients?” you’re not going to show up in your highest capacity. Here’s why:

First, you’re showing up with a scarcity mindset. You’re showing up with the mentality of, “I need a client.” Which is probably true! If you’re reading this, you probably do need clients. But you know what’s the problem with this?

Good clients don’t want to hire someone who is desperate for the work. Desperation is fucking catnip for bad clients because they know they’ve got you over a barrel.

Secondly, you’re putting the energy and expectation on you to perform. I don’t know about you, but the pressure of having the future and success of my entire business dependent on when I have energy, is fucking exhausting. I’m speaking from experience. I did this for over a decade.

The other problem here is you’re relying on your ability to close like a mf, and your ability to find the right leads. After a while, you start to experience what I call Lead Blindness. You start to view all leads the same, and you continue to only look at the channels and potential leads you feel are a good fit.

And that’s the problem: feeling.

Feelings are great, but shouldn’t dictate the growth of your business. Your business decisions need to be strategic.

So, it’s clear that “how do I find clients?” is the wrong question to ask. But what’s the right question?

The right question to ask is, “how do I make it inevitable the right clients with find me?”

Read that again. I’ll even make it bigger and easier for you. 😉

“How do I make it inevitable the right clients will find me?”

woman sits on padded chair while using MacBook during daytime

How are your clients currently finding you?

The odds are good it’s through a couple ways:

  1. Referrals.
  2. Free Facebook Groups.

Are the clients who are finding you from those two methods your ideal clients? That’s probably a little bit iffy, because here’s the thing…

With referrals: If your clients are not currently your ideal clients, what are the odds a they’ll send you someone who is your ideal client? Pretty low. Bad clients know other bad clients. Referrals are great; I built my business on referrals, but if I look at those clients objectively, they were not my ideal clients. They were just the ones willing to pay me. You can hustle like this for a while, but eventually it gets exhausting. If you want to escape the hustle, you need a better way.

With Facebook groups: 7 figure business owners don’t have a lot of time to be hanging out in free Facebook groups. They’re busy running a business. (Of course there are exceptions to this) The people who do hang out in free Facebook groups are predominately those who are working on hitting that 6 figure mark. Additionally, this isn’t a data-driven approach. You don’t have any way of tracking results, and if you’re looking to scale, you need data.

To make it inevitable the right clients find you, you need to do a couple things…and these aren’t secrets. I don’t have some special hidden trick. It’s not fucking rocket science.

  1. Create good content.
  2. Master SEO.
  3. Drive traffic with PPC.

Like I said, these aren’t secrets, but are you doing them? If you’re struggling to bring the right clients to you, odds are good you’re not doing at least one of these.

There are so. many. gurus. who say, “blogging is dead!” “Quit creating content!”

But content works, and here’s why:

When someone is Googling, they’re trying to solve a problem.

They already know they have a problem that needs to be solved. You don’t need to convince someone that they have a problem you can solve, which is what can happen if you’re commenting away in a Facebook group.

When someone is on Google or YouTube, they already know they have a problem. And you know what? That problem HURTS. It hurts enough that they’re spending time away from running their business to look up solutions.

You get your brand in front of them by creating good content.

By ranking that content on Google (SEOing it), and by using PPC to put your content at the top of search results.

When you go to Google, you know what’s at the very top?

Except for few keywords where the results are rich cards, the top results are fucking ads. If you’re not there, you’re losing leads.

Google Search Results: Hire a web designer

Despite the horror stories that are floating around the internet, Adwords aren’t going to cost an arm and a leg so long as you do them properly. And the return can be massive.

Retarget those who read your content with Facebook ads, and offer them an opportunity to book a strategy call.

Drive them to a landing page, and have them fill out an application. If they’re a good fit, bring them to the call booking. If they’re not a good fit, kick them out and send them to a low-ticket digital download.

Then refine and repeat.

This strategy can run on autopilot. Instead of spending hours and hours every week prospecting for leads who may not want your services, you’re attracting the people who are already aware of the problem. All they need is the solution.

Sell the right solution to the right people when they need it, and you’ll win the game.



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